Monday, August 27, 2007


Both of these pictures are from Veronica:

So here's a place in Milwaukee that has expensive rent.

Here's the story that came with this one: We were driving through Wisconsin on a road with a posted speed limit of 55, which we had to respect, because there was a cop right behind us and it was excruciating. But, we lost him when he turned into here. "Ice Cream"? We suspected that it really was some sort of undercover cop station, with the clever front being "Ice Cream."


Kate said...

haha, i love the "ice cream" shop one. that's pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

GAH! Comic Sans!

Anonymous said...

you know, you could make the argument that "reasonable" was a quotation of a tenant's genuine praise on that one.

Though, by looks alone, that's not the case

Travis said...

Disagree [not the second image]. "Reasonable" is properly quoted because it means their rates, by them, are considered good. A little weird though still, the quotes imply they are expensive but to them it's good, eh, whever.