Monday, September 05, 2016

Thanks Everybody

(thanks to Jared for the above image)

I guess I need to come to terms with the reality that I no longer update this blog. This has happened for a few reasons: 1) I took on more responsibility and got busier in other parts of my life, including my (ahem) "real" job and more volunteer responsibility at my church. 2) the value of ads-per-traffic seems to be dropping and has for some time, as well as traffic to single-serve blogs like this one, meaning the ad revenue was no longer a compelling reason to keep it up. Partly because of changes in the web and advertising market, partly because of the prevalence of ad blockers.

I am now realizing that my life looks like it will get busier in the future (the same stuff plus adding a baby humorist to our family at the end of the year!), and blogs are not getting more popular, so it seems wise to acknowledge that maintaining this blog will stay a very low priority for me. I still have plenty of photos in my email, so I suppose if I change my mind I can always post more.

Anyway, I didn't want to let the whole thing fully die without saying thank you to all the people who were regular visitors, regular commenters, and regular submitters over the past decade+. Doing this blog (and the book that came out of it) was a fun and weird journey, and I am grateful it was part of my life, even if my life is different now. You can still find me on twitter, where I mostly do not tweet about grammar or punctuation.

Thanks. Seriously. Thanks.