Monday, June 30, 2008

it's "wonderful"

This sign, submitted by David, looks remarkably similar to this one.  And so does the guy holding it for that matter.  I think we have a repeat offender on our hands.  The "details in the bible" bit on this one is really my favorite, though it does not have quotations.  Maybe the "while you are able" bit signifies a subconscious affinity for Calvinism?

you know, "over wood"

Vinnie saw this one when he was at a hotel in Iowa for work.  I would clearly go to this place, because it's called Sneaky Pete's, and I don't care what they cook the food on, when, and what kind of service the bar has.

around the internets

quick break from your usual quotation pictures for the following things which are possibly of interest:

my friend Kent wrote a nice blog post about the singular they.

I'm twittering now.  I'm not sure why anyone cares, but I'm kind of fascinated by it.

"danger" is my middle name

Marjorie spotted this at an American University in Doha, Qatar.  The Danger appears to be equally ambiguous in English and in Arabic.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

do what to the rocks?

"keep off" is obviously secret code for "go ahead and climb on them, but don't complain to us if you fall down."  Thanks, Andrea.

foos "ball"

This is from Devin.  Maybe the ball has a divit or something and isn't quite round.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

well, sort of reserved

This one is funny because of what Scott wrote: "This is in the underground parking at my work.  I have a hunch that the parking attendant posted it, without permission, for himself."

In other news, I can't figure out how to paste things from email without changing the font.  Sorry for the ugly.

really sarcastic about parking

Oh man, the person who made this sign has sarcasm to spare.  Thanks, Will.

worst nickname EVER

This from Isaac.  I guess "gas" is technically ok since it's short for gasoline.  Or maybe it's good on farting.  However, if I knew Bob, I would totally call him by his phone number.

Friday, June 27, 2008

or if you "haven't"

This resides in Kieran's office.  Kieran remarks, "At least I know now why there are always people in the conference room who HAVE NOT reserved the room through Lotus Notes when I HAVE."


Who knows what kind of cheese they actually use.  Maybe "ricotta" is it's nickname.  Thanks, David.

fake cafe

Evidently this is not the "site" they had in mind, and who knows what kind of establishment you have to use to park there.  Somewhere.  Thanks, Tim.

or staff-like people

Beth writes "This sticker recently appeared on the printer at work. Apparently, during the recession everything is questionable."

Thursday, June 26, 2008

this block not actually Philly

Jeff points out that while these would be appropriate in many places (as we have observed).  However, this was taken IN Philly.  Which makes me rather confused.

I wish that was MY nickname

Jen saw this one at the hospice her aunt is staying at.  I like that it leaves the impression that "poison ivy" is the nickname of the path.  Or of the person the sign is directed at.

must mean that new rock and roll music

Mike sent me these featuring his friend Jacqui emphasizing the emphasis quotes.  It's somewhere in Canada.  I like that these are clearly the same place, but have different messages with different misuse of quotation marks.  I am not sure if it's actually "noisy" or not.

you know, a "songwriter"

this one you probably have to enlarge to see, but it says "songwriter" nashville's newest "Rozetta Linger".  Susan saw it in a parade.  I guess she is having her songs ghostwritten and using an assumed name.  Good one.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Lisa spotted this one.  I guess you may or may not want to enter, and then you could find out what's really going on inside...

possibly lead based

Christian saw this on VanCouver Island.  I like the way the quotation marks surround the english and french versions both.  Also, I guess the warning is to prevent you from licking the building?

no, do it "now"

Nate saw this one in a park.  I guess they want you to do something about summer fun that may or may not be signing up in a little bit.

no checks ish

Nicole and Katie saw this at Ralphs in San Diego.  It seems that if you show up with just a check, they might take it anyway.  But then everyone behind you in line will hate you.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

fake siblings

Brittany lets us know that while the Judds may or may not be brothers, the location was not shaped like a square.

QMs in french

Sebastian translates:
1/2 farm chicken
 spit roasted
 "potatoes" rissole

Oh, those french chefs and their fake patates...

Monday, June 23, 2008

and other times

This one is from Matt.  The content is awesome, and the extra QM for no reason is just icing.  Really, you should turn slow + easy no matter what you're doing.

"loving memory"

I never understand putting these signs on cars.  Your asshole driving is in memory of your deceased friend or relative?  Thanks for the update.  But this memory may or not be loving.  I'm not sure if that's better or worse.  Thanks, Matt.

balls = objects

Jody found this.  I agree with her that the parenthesis are the best part.


yeah.  I guess they're half-baked.  Thanks, Jenn.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

sort of closed

I guess this butcher shop does backdoor business on sundays and mondays.  Thanks, Thomas.

not sorry for anything

Heather saw this in a truck stop and I love everything about it.  

Saturday, June 21, 2008


this one is a little sketchy because the quotation marks were added later and make no sense.  Unless it's all an innuendo about wanting some illicit deal in the bathroom.  Thanks, Chris!


That's right.  They serve "food".  Thanks, Robert.

mystery brats

Evidently these brats contain neither tomato nor basil.  Thanks, Jack in Chicago.

more than friends

Some people who weren't very nice to Harry miss him, I guess.  Thanks, Jeff.

Friday, June 20, 2008


I don't know if "fair" is a sketchy descriptor of the event, or the nature of St Catherine's Church. Thanks, Chris.

ps. I forgot to post on this blog today, I was distracted by my life.  Nothing dramatic like before though - that was a breakup.

talking laundry baskets?

Sarah saw this in her apartment laundry room.  Maybe you don't really have to return them.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

kind of a non-sequitor

Jessica spotted this in NYC.  Maybe they're using the same book as these guys.  I like the way it's just stuck in there like its own statement.  Like, what about "the Bible"?
Related: a whole bunch of "Jesus" posts.

it's not that simple

John saw this one in Chicago.  I must say, "visit a store near you" is a pretty lousy slogan, although it is clear what they want.

not so talented

Kevin writes, "I saw this sign at Mellon arena in Pittsburgh before a Penguins game. Sounds like they are a bit skeptical about the quality of Pittsburgh TV."
Also, apparently members of the TV crew are not the only ones allowed.


Here at the hideaway... I found myself transfixed by a mango. And I said to myself, "What could it be that has captivated me so?"

Then it hit me. It was "Marvelous!"

And please remember, it is better to look good than to feel good, and you know who you are.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

not that catchy

I think if they are going for a slogan here, they should really get rid of the half-hours.  Submitter Lindsay suggests the shirts may actually repeat this slogan, which would be quite frightening.

quick! exclude something!

Heather suggests that somebody added the caveat about lamps to make the quotation marks on this one necessary.  Which would be pretty awesome.

Mikey G explains, "It's from First Monday Trade Days in Canton, TX.  Basically, the world's biggest open-air flea market.  People rent scooters and ride them around because the place is so big (and they're so lazy - half the people riding them aren't even elderly or disabled in any way).  But yeah, apparently some scooters are allowed near the place through which people might enter."


Originally uploaded by mirthmobile
Here at the Salon of Beauty and Esthetics... or "Welsch" as we like to call it, we have many services.

With a name like "Welsch" it's got to be good!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

not so hard

Celeste observes that they can't be that hard to find if it's sitting right there at the flea market.

you know... Isabella

Originally uploaded by mirthmobile
Finding myself on a whirlwind tour of Santiago Chile I found a whole bunch of salons owned by mysterious individuals.

Further investigation yielded some awkward information. The Salon owner is now known as Burt.


Andrew saw this at a Mexican place in St Louis.  Perhaps getting mexican food catered is not so "smart" after all?  Maybe they are just acknowledging that a lot of people get dumber after graduation.

it's a surprise

My guess is there is one or the other - regular or decaffeinated - and you get what you get.
Thanks, Lila in Philadelphia.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Rosemary spotted this in Manhattan.  Perhaps when it opens, it will be a bank, rather than a "bank".  Or maybe it will be a front for the CIA, like on Alias.

"lunch customers"

I think "lunch customers" are kind of like tough customers, except between the hours of 12 and 2.  Thanks, Amy.

fake smoke

Mark saw this at a barbeque/smoke-house restaurant near his home.  I love that anyone would brag about the authenticity of their smoke.