Wednesday, June 11, 2008

can be delivered sitting down

Christopher saw this in Evanston, IL.  Ok, it is not an actual college class, but who knows what kind of comedy it REALLY is.


Anonymous said...


God, I love this blog.


FrankTheCat said...

Does this mean it could be Sit Down comedy?

Anonymous said...

i think i will stand-up.. hehe

Lefty said...

The misuse of the word there bothers me as well. This "class" has little going for it.

jered said...
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jered said...

Who wouldn't want to deliver comedy to there [sic] own friends and families. Families?

Is "101" code for the skills-based comedy course, or is it really the advanced comedy class? Clearly it's not Survey of Comedy. That one really is CMDY 101.

Scott_in_Zurich said...

Can we find a picture that allows us to photoshop this into a dyptich together with