Friday, October 31, 2008

Mine mine mine MINE!

Mine mine mine MINE!
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ok... yours.

This gallery and studio specializes in things Carlyn has acquired in the time-honored tradition of grabbing it and yelling, "MINE!"

Thursday, October 30, 2008

you can lie about wheel numbers

Jon saw this in New Orleans. Apparently you can lie about the number of wheels you have, or just take it on there anyway. Whatever.


(click to embiggen) I can buy the quotes on teh "ate too much" breakfast, but the "10 oz" steak is way over the line. And I would like to know what is so unconventional about the fish and chips. Thanks, Jason.

nobody wants to get that in the mail

Danny spotted this in Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia. I guess they aren't postcards you might actually post.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

also sell it if it's hot

If you'd like to buy a stolen car, this place in Darwin, Australia seems to be the place for you. Thanks, Naomi.

We Care

We Care
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"We Care" about your "stuff", about the situation in the "Middle East", about the plight of the "homeless", and those little "ankle biter" "dogs".

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Free Drugs and Fireworks

"Double Punch Day" is the secret Pizza Hut code for free drugs and fireworks. Bring your VIP card.

fake americans. they're everywhere.

Click to embiggen so you can read the sign which says:
take back your country
deport illegal immigrants
buy American made

I would like to believe this is an ironic reference to the fact that all americans who aren't native americans are descended from immigrants, but I doubt it. Maybe they mean the people who live in the anti-american states. You know, the blue ones. Thanks, Bianca.

fake shoplifters too

Evidently you do not have to literally lift the shop to be prosecuted. Thanks, Jeremy in Oregon.

wait, "gas"?

Pepper posted this on her blog ages ago when she sent it in (I'm more than 2 months behind, sorry folks) but I couldn't resist. Fake gas? fake polite? and none of it translated into spanish? awesome.

no drugs here, officer krupke...

Bryan saw this one in Boston. For heavens sake, hide your drugs!

cops came, had to leave

Maggie spotted this on the door of the secretary in her husband's academic department. There are a number of things Judi could be referencing here. Evidently the department affairs head straight toward Judi's office. I'd go home too.

Monday, October 27, 2008

"watch your head"

I like that it seems the ledge is saying it. Thanks, Jason.

Well, we'll allow some credit cards, but we won't really accept them. Thanks, Katie.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

ok for homeless too

I don't know what this sign is insinuating about your potential workplace but I don't think it's terribly polite. Thanks, Alex.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

middling breakfasts can happen anytime

Tricia spotted this in Panama. I must say my favorite part is the location and content of the random breakfast food pictures. However, the "blog" has a history of loving breakfasts of questionable quality.

pretty ok

Skot saw this at a gas station. One uninformed person called their wine prices excellent, it seems.

we just have to tell you that

Lily sent me this. Something makes me believe the user took those quotation marks at sarcasm value and did NOT remove it before use.

ok, the suburbs of Fremont

Paul spotted this one. I guess they aren't really in Fremont, but they wish they were.

Friday, October 24, 2008

will continue until all our crap is gone

I had some neighbors growing up who seemed to have a garage sale every few weeks. Maybe these folks are similar. Thanks, Ryan. More garage sale silliness here.


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Thanks to NorthWest Air for this sign in Philadelphia. In this case "Plus" mean an extra $15.

pen-like decor

Having attempted to write with these kind of "pens" before, I'm not so sure this is inaccurate. Thanks, Abigail.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

somebody lives in the restaurant

I always get kind of weirded out when restaurants claim to have homemade food. Like, did somebody bring it in from their house? Is that sanitary? So I have to admit I believe this is actually necessary. At least I hope it is. Thanks, Cliff in Columbus, OH.


I don't know what's in that box but it must be something somebody might potentially put their head on. Thanks, Seth.

you should have seen how they were

They aren't claiming to create GOOD drivers, just "better". Thanks Jillian in Scarborough ON.


Heather spotted this at the Wisconsin state fair. While the latter quotations seem to be telling you some kind of code to use in ordering, I am skeptical of anything labeled "delicious".

not the dumb ones either

Patrick found this one online, and suggests they don't mean to include ugly kids.

mmm "dessert"

Craig spotted this on Newfoundland, and explains, "a Jiggs Dinner is a cooked dinner of salt meat (corned beef), split peas, potatoes, carrots, turnip, and cabbage." Evidently you may or may not want to ask your server about it on some day of the week.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

or whatever direction you want

Scott saw this at U Minnesota Student Services Building. He reads the quotation marks as condescending, which I hadn't encountered before but kind of works here.


Fake glass is cause for caution. Also, weird dioramas of what goes on in church. Thanks, Lindsey, who saw this at Cross in the Woods in Indian River, MI.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

you know, "church"

Carrie spotted this one in Bristol. I have lots of ideas what kinds of activities constitute "church"...

moderately sized

The distributor said these nectarines were large. I think we are all going to know what to think about his size estimations in the future. Thanks, Duff.

mystery destination tours

Tom saw this on the way to Alice Springs in Australia. They take you to all kinds of fake places, what could be more fun?

right this way...

Go ahead, just send your kids over here, we'll take them "inside" and make them an ID.... Submitter Tiffany notes that, even worse, there are a bunch of old men from the masonic society next to it.

or looking for stand arounders

Jeff saw this outside a Seattle restaurant. I guess they want to make it clear that bussers do not have anything to do with school busses?

secret: not really on rye

Amiela spotted this one in Atlanta, GA. Who knows what food you will actually get when you order there. And apparently they are quoting somebody who said "Have a Safe Day" but THEY are adding the double exclamation marks.

Monday, October 20, 2008

help the "children"

Eric blogged this one here. Well, your small change will make some childish adults very happy anyway.


Either the milk jug is talking to me, or somebody is questioning how fresh it is. Thanks, Lindsey in Crossville TN.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Gary writes, "This is part of the shared storage area in my downtown Atlanta loft building. As a matter of grammatic principle, I always leave this door open." It really would be just a little more awesome if there were also quotations on "that means you" but alas. Either way, you can close the door or make it close to closed so your rowdy friends can get in. Whatever.

ok, only some of the time.

Klara and Kat spotted this one. I like the honesty of this one. I like to believe the cafe randomly chooses a day to take off on a regular basis.


This sign is really charming. I think you're supposed to imagine a librarian of your choosing saying whichever statement she comes with. Thanks, Rachel and friend who spotted this in a Harvard library.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

company is a front

We've seen fake professionalism before, but I think this one is extra-special as the name of the company is clearly a cover-name for some other operation. Perhaps one where the professional expectations are... different. Thanks Matt and Mary.

whatever "they" say

My favorite part of this sign is the random quotation marks between statements. Which both are so exciting they get three exclamation marks. Whoever "they" are. Thanks Brian, who spotted this in Fresno.

I think you know what they're talking about

Clint saw this at the Des Moines Airport. I wonder how little they're talking here, is this their pet name for annoying passengers? Particular parts of those passengers' anatomy?

good timing

Oddly, I'm two months behind on posting submission, and just got to this one. That's right, it's "Joe" the tailor. Thanks, Henry!

Friday, October 17, 2008

you know, "private screenings"

The sheer number of quotationed reasons there will be "no films" makes me think they all mean "lazy employees" "goofing off" and "inviting their friends". Thanks, Melissa.


Seriously. I'm not sure if "tug" refers to anything illicit in particular, but it sounds like it could. And if we're having a fest of it... Thanks, Brieanne.

wait, if you're looking too...

I like the way this makes it seem that Trinity Properties' slogan is "looking for an apartment". Maybe if you're looking too you can give them some advice? OR maybe they are LISTENING. Thanks, Russell.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

ok, you caught us

It's fourth best, ok? But we keep on trying. Thanks, Sean in Kansas City.

I love that guy

I don't know what this guy's real name is but we sure hear a lot about him. Thanks, crd.