Friday, October 17, 2008

you know, "private screenings"

The sheer number of quotationed reasons there will be "no films" makes me think they all mean "lazy employees" "goofing off" and "inviting their friends". Thanks, Melissa.


Unknown said...

when I remember to visit your site... what a 'laugh' I get... thanks

Hossrex said...

I used to work at a movie theater. "Lazy Employees", "goofing off", and "inviting our friends" is surely closer than "private screenings", "special events", and "technical repairs".

I personally read this sign as saying "our manager is out for the week on vacation, so we're going to be smoking pot, and doing other bad things in here while watching the new Pokemon movie."


KJ said...

I gotta start carrying my camera everywhere. I've actually never seen quotation marks used correctly on a sign. Really - under what circumstances would you NEED them on a sign?

Anonymous said...


That sign is hysterical!