Thursday, October 30, 2008

you can lie about wheel numbers

Jon saw this in New Orleans. Apparently you can lie about the number of wheels you have, or just take it on there anyway. Whatever.


BipolarBunny said...

So wouldn't that mean they want 18- wheels?

Anonymous said...

It seems as if the people/person who made this sign thinks that quotation marks are used for emphasis...either they're not a native English speaker, or they're just really stupid.

Pace said...

I love how there are two different styles of quotation marks on this sign. What do they think the difference is??

Anonymous said...

Or you can interpret it as:

Soft shoulders NO! 18 Wheelers please!

Which would mean they were protesting against soft shoulders and inviting the 18-wheelers there.

Ellie Green said...

Maybe it's referring to NO, as in "New Orleans".
So it's like "New Orleans" (or surrounding area) "18" (or maybe 16, if you prefer) wheelers, please. They're trying to get them to come there, I say!