Thursday, October 16, 2008

I love that guy

I don't know what this guy's real name is but we sure hear a lot about him. Thanks, crd.


Unknown said...

Wow. This could also go to

Bridgete said...

A Hispanic man named Jesus (hay-soos) lives next door. So they had to put it in quotes so no one would get confused.

Hossrex said...

I think this is a promotion for a new horror movie coming out in 2009. Its called "Jesus: The Son of OH MY GOD!"

This is a line read by a muddy faced little girl who has to lead the protagonist (Bill Paxton) through the haunted graveyard, so they can find the latest incarnation of the Holy Grail... a 64oz 7-11 Super Big Gulp (with wrappers placed around it so the viewer can subconsciously read the new 7-11 "Wide Eyed Breakfast Value menu").

Just as they get in sight of the Holy Gulp, Pollyanna says (of course):

'He is Close. "Jesus". He is VERY close.'

Then just so you know he's a bad ass, we see Jesus eviscerate the emo couple who comes to the graveyard to make out.

Ben Hamilton said...

Maybe it's a warning to outsiders that you are entering the activity area of a nortorius and mysterious abuser, the Jolly Everyman Seeming Underwear Stealer. Or 'Jesus'.
I also like the idea of the horror movie.