Wednesday, April 30, 2008

not just "any" home

Damon spotted this one in New Delhi. Other examples from India here and here. Believe it or not, there is another article in quotation marks here. Maybe it is "the" home away from home, really.

that's just confusing

Wendy saw this in Wheaton, IL. We've actually seen a very similar sign before, also in the midwest. This one, though, is truly special because the title gets its own letter, and because of the out of order notice about taxes at the bottom. Way to obfuscate your sign, gas station.


Cindy sees this one regularly in Southern California. Here is her explanation, of which I approve: "Maybe they have creditors after them who want them to pay up, or unsatisfied customers who they've treated poorly or disgruntled employees who they haven't paid in ages, and they're pretending not to be there just to avoid all of them. After all, if they've "moved", all these people after them won't think to look for them at their actual place of business, right?"

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

pretend to be cautious

This from Alex. I guess they don't care if you live or die, they just don't want a lawsuit. More fake concern can be found here, here and here.

in the eye of the beholder

George saw this one in Cleveland. Perhaps they have been called "pretty ladies" by drunken lecherous men. Not that you need to be professional to have that experience.

"Sandwiches made fresh to"

Bryan saw this one at a convenience store (same place as this one, in fact). I guess they might or might not be sandwiches or made fresh. And that they might have a different preposition.

In other news, I'm in finals week haze, so I'll be more sporadic than usual.

Monday, April 28, 2008

more QMs around the world

Alex (his website isn't in english) explains, "Here's a pic from Linköping, Sweden. A local bus company, Gunilla Buss, advertises their company like this: 'Travel "comfortable" - travel by bus -'. Wonderful."

Maybe in Sweden busses are legitimately comfortable, but I doubt it.

if you call that popcorn

Jon saw this in Roseville, MI. I guess it has a "real popcorn" flavor.

it's a nickname

Jim and I saw this one a while back in Silver Spring, MD. I guess the coffee isn't really the best from Seattle, that's just what it's called.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

truth in advertising

I'm guessing they mean that it approximates the taste of real food. Mmm? Thanks, J.

Is that a challenge?

Brian saw these "non-stick" grill tools at Bed Bath & Beyond. I guess if you try hard enough, you can get things to stick to them.

rice-like food

Stacie's mom put this on some food, and Stacie sent the picture to Kevin who is my colleague (this is a long chain of quotation mark sending).  I guess it wasn't really rice.

or so they say

Alex saw this one at school.  What goes on in this department may or may not be physics.  Does that say something about the quality of the scientists?  Just saying.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

the "law" will get you, my pretty

Courtenay saw this in LA and suggests that, "the quotes are clearly a subtle acknowledgment of the fact that it is NOT yet illegal to talk and drive in CA."
Other fake laws in LA, mexico and missisippi.


I'm guessing this is quoting somebody's hyperbole. Because, seriously, who needs that many different sizes of boxes? Thanks, Courtenay.

"all" cows

Josh says he's been walking past this sign in Brooklyn for years. There are a lot of things to love about it: 1) only some of them I guess 2) what's the apostrophe for? 3) COWS?

Friday, April 25, 2008

best nickname yet

Good people for the nickname "miss print": copy editors, people who make a lot of mistakes, visual artists who work in print making. Also, is a fish fry one of those events that are inherently funny? Thanks, Nikki.

not a security company

Jeff found this one in one of his company's satellite offices. I guess security is only kind of their business, since their actual business is what they really need to do at work. Good thing those QMs were there to clarify.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

A couple of people (including Ron) sent me the link to this blog post with the above photo.
(This is my first post from my new mac!)

who puts that on their car?

Brian's friend Sharon saw this one in the Cayman Islands. I think we can all agree that this one screams "test me! please!"

no feeding hitchcock movies

I agree with submitter Bruce that the part about "the birds" will s. o. y. is the best part. It's like how my family abbreviates "dump his ass" to d. h. a.

not through the sign

I guess they mean in this general area. Thanks Carissa in Lexington.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"shoe party"

I guess if your definition of party includes things that are more fun than trying on shoes, then this would be a "party". (also, immaculate conception is the best name for a school ever.) Thanks, Sheryl.

not so good

John saw this at the Iowa State Fair in 2006. Evidently he's been waiting years to discover the "blog". I've had some good Mexican food before, but I guess this is not it.

Fake polite in Florida

Alyssa and I grew up in the same church, and when she posted this photo from her spring break on facebook, people were all over it (when this blog was featured in my hometown paper, church people were all over that too). My favorite part is actually the elipsis. Like something was left out between thank you and MGMT.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

cardstock also ok

Stephanie saw this one at UNLV. She suggests that "paper" is slang for something else. Like, uh, pets.

remember "that".

Davi is an old colleague of mine, who is now a fab professor in texas. She snagged this one from her gym. I don't know which safety, exactly, they are referring to.

or for batman

ok, it might not be YOUR idea of perfect. Or I might be thinking of someone else when I make it. Spotted at starbucks in Arizona by A. D.

Monday, April 21, 2008

still contains carbs

My brother Bryan went to Florida on January term (I know, ages ago) and he saw this one at a farmers market outside of Orlando. I am not sure how much of what kind of sugar it actually contained.

it's really from ikea

We're not calling it ornate, but we overheard somebody say that it was. Thanks, Nicole.

people parading around in swimsuits

Paul saw both of these at a pool. I don't know who these "swimmers" are, but they are being fake polite to them, also.

used capes

Ashley notes that "super" is probably a good label for most garage sales. I think they sell superhero gear. Like an old version of the batmobile.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

not sorry at all

Lane saw this one in Gainesville. I'm not sure, but the tone of the sign makes me think the management are being intentionally sarcastic - they aren't sorry at all and want you to know it! I'm sure that's a good way to get tips.

as the saying goes...

Jana saw this at a mini-golf place on Vancouver Island, BC. Apparently somebody said that your car will be towed, but you could still risk it.

what the kids are calling it

From a doctor's office. Apparently "Up-side down" is crazy new slang for face down? Thanks, Miranda.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

adults being stoic

Mario spotted this one at a church in Sacramento. Sinister indeed! Reminds me of this other example from a day care.

on my own, like Eponine

Joseph spotted this lonely quotation mark. He suggests it's some kind of mysterious pronunciation mark.

Also, check out this review on! We appear to be a critic's pick!

fool's gold

Craig took this one in Toronto. He writes, "I wonder how much they'll give me for my 'Rolex.'"

Friday, April 18, 2008

a little foggy

I guess the difference between glass and plastic is NOT that clear. Thanks, Mary.

and by "down" we mean "up"

This one is at Reuters in Singapore (perhaps one of the coolest "blog" locations yet). Click to enlarge. I don't know what alternate definition of "down" they are using.

site updates

I updated a few things recently. I made the FAQ reflect the fact that I am now about 6 weeks behind on reviewing submissions. Thanks for your patience.

Also, a few people complained about the obtuse legal language I cribbed from another website. I have put up a more plain, clear disclaimer that I hope clarifies things. If any of you are lawyers and feeling generous, I will accept free legal advice at any time.

from a corporate cafe

Will started a new job and found both of these on his first day. Evidently experimental medicine isn't THAT experimental, and you can pay in debit card, but it will cost you.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

submitted by everyone

ok, everyone in the universe is sending this to me, and it appears to be all over the internet. I don't know whose picture it is. I think it's funny, but fits more in the genre of PAN which is why I didn't post it right away. So if you haven't seen it already, enjoy.

Update: Ivan is the photographer.

soy milk?

John sent me quite a few photos from the St. Johns county Flea Market in St. Augustine, Florida. We agree, this one is the best. I wonder what it's really boiled in??

good slogan

Marie saw this at the Key West Shipwreck Historeum in Key West, Florida. Maybe that's the railing's long nickname.

sushi-like food

I suppose if you put sushi in a bagel, it ceases to truly be sushi. Thanks, Mollie.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

quotation marks around the world

Dave saw this in Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand. I will admit that countries that don't use our letters should not be held to the same standards, but it is still in question whether their beer is actually draught, and to what degree they are closed.

my "public" calls

Our restrooms give you all the privacy you need. Spotted by Kelly in Philadelphia.

not enforced

I think this is a good way to indicate that your parking is not generally enforced. Submitter Thalassa thinks it might mean that it is enforced by letting the air out of your tires and sending ninjas after you. I doubt it, but I might not risk it either.