Monday, October 27, 2008

Well, we'll allow some credit cards, but we won't really accept them. Thanks, Katie.


ettible said...

Aww, man! I can't believe you didn't include the chintzy Last Supper sculpture in the photo. Jesus wants to be a part of the blogosphere, too, you know.

ALittleGuitar said...

I realize your peeve is too many quotations marks but this story is about too few and I thought it might "interest" you.

And as long as I've got you on the line, why do the Brits call them "inverted commas?"

Anonymous said...

Thanks, alittleguitar. As a former newspaper editor, I'd have my blue pencil out and "decorating" the copy of the books Lionel mentioned. The non-use of quotation marks for dialogue is just plain lazy writing.