Wednesday, October 08, 2008

because I like to win things

Everybody vote for the "blog" on this site and see if we get win the monthly top ten!
Because that's fun. And they've been sending some traffic my way, which I always appreciate.


Marie said...

A friend of mine sent me your way because I, too hate unecesssary punctuation.

My husband has to drive a service vehicle for his job that has his name decaled on the driver's door. As if that isn't bad enough in and of itself, his name always comes in quotations. I take liberties to peel them off.

Glad I found you. I will be visiting again.

bethany said...

you guys are awesome! I wake up this morning and I'm already #1. Best. Fans. Ever.

Andrea said...

You are now #1! (And #96 on all time best list!)