Thursday, October 23, 2008

somebody lives in the restaurant

I always get kind of weirded out when restaurants claim to have homemade food. Like, did somebody bring it in from their house? Is that sanitary? So I have to admit I believe this is actually necessary. At least I hope it is. Thanks, Cliff in Columbus, OH.


Jason Crawford said...

Once when visiting Fallingwater, the Frank Lloyd Wright house in Pennsylvania, I stopped in the cafe and saw a sign advertising homemade brownies. I asked, "Does that just mean they were made here." The girl behind the counter said, "Actually, my mother made them." So in that case I guess they literally were homemade.

Marytoo said...

You can go to the store and buy packaged foods that "taste just like homemade" or you can find a recipe that "tastes just like take-out" to cook at home.

Whatever...but I have always wondered about that "homemade" label on restaurant menus.

Michael said...

Ha! I know this restaurant in Columbus. Great find.