Saturday, April 15, 2006


Jim sent me this photo today. Awesome.


Morgan said...

I'm curoius has to who would buy a bench with holes in the first place, let alone "holes". And the bench WAS $360?! I'm assuming those are LA prices?

James Gilmore said...
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James Gilmore said...

(revised and modified. I need to proofread.)

Yeah... there's a reason that store was going out of business... it was basically the same Swedish Modernist IKEA crap, only more expensive. I wouldn't pay $360 for a regular wooden bench with REAL holes in it, much less "holes," which may have been put in to appeal to the ironic indie-rocker crowd.

"No, dude, those aren't holes. They're 'holes.' Let's put the Decembrists on. They're so 'rad.'"