Saturday, June 10, 2006

A Couple from Vancouver

Well I'm out here in Vancouver right now, and spotted a couple from my friends' theatre.

Not only is there a cuddle room, but apparently there's something called a "Glass Brick" room. This case may have actually worked with the quotes, though, as there were not actually any glass bricks in that room.

I guess that's enough said.


bethany said...

that second one is hillarious. that must be where they keep all the quotation marks.

Moderator said...

I have a cuddle room.

Anonymous said...

I'm working at a summer camp right now, and this girl with diabetes has her supply bag embroidered with:

Alexis and Diabetes
"Don't Match"

Rachel VZ

Jenna said...

I should bring a camera to work. The ads in the yellow pages are rife with such errors. Like: "We have most any car part." You don't say.