Wednesday, April 18, 2007

obviously, not as "hip" as this blog

you have to enlarge the above picture to see that the banner ad calls the new youtube blog "hip." Perhaps it isn't hip or hip is a pun that I don't get. Reader Kiraa, who spotted it, notes: "Turns out the internet isn't immune to stupidity either."


William Levin said...

I'm guessing that this black and white "hip" YouTube banner ad is parodying the style and lingo of the 1940s, back during the jive era when usage of the word "hip" to mean "fashionable" or "cool" as we know it was just emerging. Imagine the ad reading with the tone, YouTube is very "hip", as the kids would say these days.

bethany said...

good point william, I had that suspicion, but was having trouble articulating it.