Saturday, March 30, 2013

exclamation points!

I am so distracted by the various amusing qualities of this sign that I can't even tell if the quotation marks are unnecessary or not. I mean, it's a vending machine that is not, in fact, vending, so..... Thanks Timothy.

Also, Bill Cokas, contributor to the "Book" and friend of the blog, wants you to know his novel Battle Axe is free for your Kindle today. Give it a read!


Subie said...

This is a virtual delight for grammar Nazis. Not only are there unnecessary quotation marks, but there are also superfluous capital letters, redundant exclamation points, and inexplicable boldface words with underlines. The ending of a sentence with a preposition is just a bonus.

John V. said...

Whoever made thins sign was not sure if "vend" was a real word, but it's the best word he/she could think of for what a vending machine does.