Friday, March 27, 2020

Lots of layers of emotions going on in this one

We made it to Friday! In my house, this means my 3 year old will be singing a classic Rebecca Black jam that I mostly don't regret exposing her to.

This picture from Fred seems a bit on the nose, but if you want to tell people you're a bar for sad alcoholics who am I to stand in your way.

Tom sent me this label from a guitar that was, it seems, inspired by a John Lennon impersonator

Now that I understand how these customer service surveys work, I can report having been "highly satisfied" when I was in fact neutral on the regular. Thanks Emily

John sent me this next one. I guess bird feeders only have the illusion of choice. Now I'm imagining a person talking for their bird feeder ventriloquist-style. "I like that brand, please."

The last one here is from sidabrine. This reminds me of when my kid plays with her hatchimals by exclaiming in a high-pitched voice "whee whee we're having so much fun!" while flying them around.

I have to say, it feels good to be making these posts again. Like riding a bike. Hope you're enjoying them too.

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