Monday, June 28, 2010

brownie-like objects

Jessica tells us, "I asked if they were "special" in any fun way and they said no, they had no idea why there were quotation marks around the word brownies...but they were selling really well! I bought one. They were just ho-hum."


Classic Steve said...

Just so you don't think they're made from the meat of the mythical beings.

WV: hershe -- They're not Hershey brand, either.

Buffy said...

I love the conspiratorial smiley-face just above "Brownies", too.

toep said...
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toep said...

Ditto Buffy. What ARE these r*e*a*l*l*y.... squared off cowpies?

Talley Sue said...

well, wouldn't the "ho-hum" be the explanation for the quotations marks?

They aren't *really* brownies, bcs real brownies would taste "yum-yum"--no?

Maybe these quotation marks were actually necessary.