Friday, March 04, 2011

Jewelry store "team"

Submitter Emily does not offer any context to make sense of this sign, so it's up to us. Proposal: this jewelry store has a winning foosball team against other mall store employees, but there is so much infighting it can barely be called a team. But there's a sale to celebrate anyway. Now your turn.

After this, do some searching on the internet and find other ways to celebrate National Grammar Day (hashtag #grammarday)


Julie Powell Caldwell said...

It's really a meat sale.

Jan said...

I used to work at an office where the HR staff wore shirts emblazoned "T.E.A.M.". They were happy to explain that it stood for "Together Everyone Achieves More". My (private) response was, "Oh, please."

Soooo, maybe the jewelry store was in a rah-rah frame of mind.

Unknown said...

It's sarcastic. The manager has just uncovered a plot by the sales employees: They've been stealing jewelry from the store (hence "'Team' Sale").

This sign is the manager's way of firing them.

Andy Hollandbeck said...

Their top salesman is morbidly obese. He weighs the same as three normal-sized salespeople, and sells as much, too. They've nicknamed him "Team" because, in more ways than one, he is an entire sales team unto himself.

Now he's finally saved up enough of his commission checks to get the bariatric surgery. Congratulations and good luck "Team"!

toep said...

The manager just got married to a much older woman. Everyone says that the woman is a gold-digger and the marriage won't last. But the guy's in love and swears they make a great 'team'. The sale is the store owner's inside joke.

Darcy said...

If you’re able to say no to a whole team of football players trying to sell you something, then “Good luck.”

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