Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I have to confess, I adore the knob/handle pun here, but I could have gotten it without the quotation marks, which are making me wonder if "knobs" are euphemisms for something... Thanks Michael.


Miss Maggie said...

If this is british it means balls. Does a wizard have a knob on the end of his staff??

cunning monkey said...

I'm English - knobs means "cocks", not "balls". It also pisses me off when "than" and "then" get misused

Vireya said...

I wouldn't want to touch any of their merchandise if they think that's appropriate.

And what's with the "then"? I could understand it as a typo when your brain is working faster than your fingers, but how do you make a mistake like that when sign-writing?

Just ignorant all round.

Andrew Leach said...

Signwriters don't make mistakes (often). They are paid to write what they are paid to write, and not to correct mistakes, either with quotes or words like "then".