Friday, April 24, 2009

so-called environment

James got this pizza in Hatfield, England. He says the pizza wasn't that great. And they are sarcastic about the existence of an environment, apparently.


KatieMB said...

Dammit I hate it when people are sarcastic about the environment! I mean come on! Let's be responsible adults here! We all know what the cardboard pizza box does to the ozone layer!! Geesh!

UrbanII said...

Within my studies of history and political science, there's way to many sarcastic quotation marks. They attempt to infer their own views into the political realities of what occurred at the time or the beliefs of historical figures. Well newsflash: I don't care about your political beliefs, writers of books and textbooks. Ya there's my rant. (ie in one of my books about the history of early Christianity the author says: I had come to respect the work of "church fathers" such as Irenaeus. He IS a goddamn church father you idiot author. He's an effing saint venerated by the Catholic Church. damn in tired of dat shti