Thursday, August 12, 2010

wait, what?

I am not sure of several things here: 1) what made someone think this sign is necessary 2) what might make it so insincere 3) what is the last statement about? Thanks, Anthony.


Classic Steve said...

Is "pee" transitive here? Like, "Do not form this area out of pee"?

April said...


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they accidentally left out a letter?

Peek? Peel? Peer? Nothing really seems to be working.

toep said...

A page torn from a giant manuscript of Quotable Quotes?

toep said...

A trifecta of requests for self-control:

1. Silence
2. Continence
3. Abstinence


Roland said...

Ignoring the missing "in" in the request, it sadly isn't uncommon, given the number and variety of people that will be in what I'm assuming is a parking garage. For certain men, anyway.