Friday, October 29, 2010

no mushy drives either I guess

Mitchell asks "Who is worse: the engineer who threw a hard drive into the paper to shred bin, or whoever wielded the sharpie afterwards?"


toep said...

A throwback to WWII? i thought it said "no + lard" drives.

WV: sterene -- no matter how long i keep 'sterene' at these examples of missued quote marks i still can't make sense of them.

Arallyn said...

That use of quotes is highly questionable, but the person who tried to put a hard drive through a shredder is either a jerk or highly questionable in the brain.

Classic Steve said...

Note that that's not a shredder itself, just a bin like you might put trash in. Guess the tosser (yes, I'm aware of the British meaning) hoped that someone more discriminating would check before putting it all in a shredder.