Thursday, October 28, 2010

we have "some" policies

(click to enlarge) These policies have really boring real names, like numbers or something, so we use these nicknames! Thanks, Andrea.


Unknown said...

And if they don't mean it, they will take your knees out with a quarterstaff.

"Helping You Find It"
An escort "Helping You Find It"? Rather makes you look at "Eating in the Store" and "Special Request" somewhat differently.

This is what we call whiny customers.

toep said...

"senior discount"= '10% off almost everything for those 65 or better' like poli-grip and depends?

"military discount" = 10% off almost everything every Tuesday, and you don't EVEN have to be military!!

"eating in the store" policy sounds like the paying is optional...

but my FAVORite: "Special Request" policy that simply says "yes" like that explains everything!