Sunday, September 23, 2012

so-called candy

So, if it's only pretend candy, is it not delicious? Because $2.25 is a lot for fake candy. Thanks Margaret.


"Maxx Fordham" said...

This is one of the new ways that parents can sneak vegetables to their kids! They present the vegetables in a "candy" form, and then tell the kids that it really does "taste good"! :-D

(Well, actually, as an adult now, I really do like veggies! But yeah, for some reason as a kid, I didn't so much. I don't know what it is about kids and not liking veggies!)

Roland said...

So very off topic, but I'd say don't cook them. Many taste better and are healthier raw. Veggie tray FTW!

"Maxx Fordham" said...

Mmmm, it depends on the situation. With carrots, for example, if raw, then I want them with a dip like ranch dressing. But without that, then they're better steamed or boiled and then buttered and salted.

Same with broccoli and cauliflower.

And in general, I love the buttered and salted steamed or boiled better than the raw veggie tray with dressing (as long as the veggies weren't *over*-cooked.

"Maxx Fordham" said...


Grace Bridges said...

I notice that the chocolate is not in quotes and is therefore real. That's the main thing, after all... who cares about candy? :)