Saturday, September 15, 2012

We have "tater tots"

I wonder what their "tater tots" really are. Thanks Cathy.


"Maxx Fordham" said...

Perhaps "tater tots" really *should* be in quotes, because after all, that's not really the most technical, official name for those things anyway... Is it?

Would the official term for them be "hash brown bites," or "bite-sized hash browns," or something like that?

"Maxx Fordham" said...

(Oh, interesting: whether or not to moderate is actually thread-dependent!)

bethany said...

After a certain amount of time, a thread goes into automatic moderation, because I'm less likely to notice spam on a post off the front page.

"Maxx Fordham" said...

Ohh, okay. Cool, I get it. It's cool that the system lets you set it up that way.

(Well, haha, not cool for *us,* necessarily, but cool for YOU! :) ...)