Tuesday, May 01, 2007

really sarcastic about filling safety

thanks to reader Damon who noticed this sign at a gas station in South Elgin, IL. He writes:

"I was so amused by the "warning" to "stop" one's "engine," and the
illegality of "dispensing gasoline" into improper "containers" (with or
without "an attendant on duty"), that it took a minute for me to realize
that the only phrase left unquoted was "self-service island.""

I don't think I've ever seen people use quotes instead of bullets before. Maybe we should read it like a play. It's two people talking about warnings at a self-service island.


Anonymous said...

I just found this site and so far, I love it. However... The last line is driving me mad! "it's too people talking about warnings at a self-service island." TOO? Seriously, too?? T-W-O!

bethany said...

oh dear. I can't believe how many compulsive copy-editors missed that one all month. I fixed it. Thanks for the headsup.

Anonymous said...

I know I am commenting way late.. but that one made me snort water into my lungs.

Anonymous said...

Many people don't know that Samuel Beckett used to moonlight at a gas station.

Ooh, my first comment. Don't worry, Wil, my comment is even more late.