Monday, February 08, 2010

moderately happy

Yeah, so I'm still working on emails sent to me around thanksgiving. But I treasure each one, like this, which is priceless given the skepticism about the spelling of the word "have." Thanks, Ginny.


Kiryn said...

It took me a while to figure out why there were quotes above the H in Happy, because the ones on the right side of the word were practically invisible next to the dot-covered border.

toep said...

Thanks Kiryn, i thought i'd just witnessed my first dotted 'h'. That still leaves the "H" in 'have' though, my guess is the sign maker was a little apprehensive about his cursive capitals.

Ginny said...

It's a happy place - coffee's good, too.

DJ said...

Thanksgiving checklist:
Turkey (check)
Stuffing (check)
Candied yams (check)
Green bean casserole (check)
Balloons (dang, I knew I was forgetting something; I guess I won't "h"ave a "happy" holiday after all)

JM said...

Now they were just trying to get posted on this blog!