Friday, April 23, 2010

double quotation marks

I guess this is in question and it's the title of the announcement. Thanks, Dan.


Classic Steve said...

Technically, these should be called "quadruple quotation marks." Which has the added benefit of alliterative appeal.

WV: redings -- If theese peeple caut up on thair redings, thay mite spel bedder.

Darcy said...

Really criminal roommate, wanted dead or alive?

Roland said...

Maybe one that can write would be good, too:
"two bedrooms appartment"
"closed to the bus stop"

toep said...

@Roland, and with 'kichen'!

It appears to be someone QUOTING someone being sarcastic.

Mango Fox said...

That's what I always tell the cop when they catch me chatting up those nice street-corner girls... "I was just looking for a roommate!"

Of course, I don't usually mention that the two of us are about to hit up the "Se Express"

Unknown said...

i guess the two quoation marks cancel out each other :)