Wednesday, April 28, 2010

winkity wink

Christopher missed part of this sign, it reads
"No Shots" Available" per request of Bride and Groom

So I guess if they aren't looking, you can get one.


Greg said...

In my opinion, the number and placement indicate these are not quote marks.

Still, I suppose the Bride and Groom know their guests best.

Classic Steve said...

I agree, Greg. They're supposed to make the words look "shiny."

WV: porkew -- No comment.

toep said...

Okay, either people have already been taking 'shots' and have gotten sloppy with the puncutation or they're tossing them out for confetti (rice is bad for birds they say and real confetti makes a mess)

SMHB said...

Wow, I must be really tired. I thought the sign was referring to injections, like flu shots, and I thought, "What jerks the bride and groom are! Who the hell are they to decide who can get a shot and who can't?! It's a health issue!"

Joe St said...

I suppose this is the bride and groom's way of protesting health care reform.