Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This seems to be some kind of scheme to kidnap children and charge their parents for it. Thanks, Steven.


Alexson said...

This bar is right by my house and I've always meant to send in a picture. The other side of the sign says "free" "beer" "Fridays", so I'm guessing it's $2 Captin and Cokes on Tuesdays.

toep said...

I can understand the emphasis on "kids EAT" any parent will tell you. But "FREE"?

Unknown said...

Ha! I took a picture of that, too, to send in.

Last year, the place also had a sign saying:
Now serving Diet Mountain Dew

No unnecessary quotation marks on that particular sign, but the logic seemed just as crazy. What kind of restaurant promotes itself using the fact it severs diet Mountain Dew? Oh, right. It's the same kind of place where "kids EAT" "FREE".