Sunday, October 03, 2010

Punctuation Party Recap

I mentioned on Twitter that I was going to share photos from the punctuation day party I had last week. It was mostly your typical grad student party, but I did make an effort with foods and dress.

We put together some snacks. I cut the grapes into bunches of two : and three ... like a crazy person. You may also spot the pretzels - and veggies -- (or / I suppose). I figure chocolate chips look like punctuation. Also, everybody likes cookies. We also made a few cocktails out of gin and ginger-ale with lemon which I'm calling a quotation mark, but it wasn't much of a cocktail crowd.

As you can see, I wore polkadots, because a lot of punctuation marks involve dots. And I snuggled the cat before the people came and overwhelmed him.

That's my husband Justin in the middle in an Oxford (comma) shirt. And you can see the exclamation mark candy corns on the coffee table.

My buddy and fellow PhD Candidate Kevin brought these brownies which were tasty AND thematic. I didn't get a picture of the ! blowpops that Erin brought (sorry Erin!)
Here also are some more photos of happy guests having fun:

So there you have it. I'm no event planner, but we had a good time. Perhaps you can host your own party next year.


toep said...

In keeping with the theme, we have there, right on the brownies--"?...@,;" So what does THAT mean?

cdayzee said...

Thanks for sharing pix!! Looks like a great get together!

Classic Steve said...

Second photo: Aww, cute. The cat, too.

WV: extorti -- No comment.

RB said...

Well, I just found your blog, and laughed heartily at it. Then shared it. Then to my horror, my colleague pointed out this post. This has to be the saddest, geekiest party theme I ever saw. You were sooooooo cool up until then. Sorry for being blunt. YOu dont even look like a geek.

bethany said...

uh, sorry for disappointing you Rob. I've run a blog about punctuation for 5+ years, you thought I wasn't a geek?