Friday, May 06, 2011

is that... sprinkle-ist?

I'm not sure what it means for sprinkles to be "colored" but I guess it's different from rainbow sprinkles. Thanks, Jon.


Classic Steve said...

I've heard that the reason "people of color" is now preferred to "colored people" is that the latter makes the color sound artificial. Maybe this is the vendor's way of saying the colors are natural.

WV: terre = the earthiest flavor available

gretchen said...

Let us not miss the "Krispy's" possessive. Alas, that's for another blog.

bethany said...

fun fact about this one, the submitter proposed to his now-fiance soon after taking this photo.

Tana Butler said...

AND they used the Papyrus font (aka "Satan's Handwriting©") to add insult to injury. On top of all that, "Rice Krispy's" (should be "Rice Krispies," of course, and without an apostrophe).

No capital letters in sight.

This should win some kind of award. Head-bangingly ignorant.