Wednesday, May 04, 2011

It's "professional"

I like the combo here of the implied poor professionalism and the weird sherlock holmes graphic. Thanks, David.


JAy. said...

Would you really trust your car cleaning to a guy who lost the front end of his van somewhere?

Classic Steve said...

Dirty business like in Pulp Fiction?

toep said...

Perhaps the implication of the two Bethany, is when it comes to "professional" cleaning, they haven't got a clue.

WV: ophal, --This was an 'ophal' example of how to use quotation marks.

Rob said...

-- Jim, do you suppose anyone is listening in our top-secret, illegal activity

-- Not possible, look there's just that "Car Cleaning" van across the street. That's obviously not a stake-out van, notice that they've quoted "professional" and not "car cleaning". And, that Sherlock Holmes graphic clearly meant to indicate the level of detail they put into their cleaning, and not that they are private investigators. I would expect professional investigators to have a better grip on grammar, and not add a random comma.