Sunday, September 18, 2011

"cheap" you say?

Submitter George helpfully explains that uplift is Scottish for pickup, so this trash removal service is not actually cheap, but apparently really is better than hiring a Skip. Whatever that means.


Elizabeth said...

I think hiring a skip is British for renting a Dumpster.

Anonymous said...

In their effort to be "cheaper", they failed to spend the money for a comma after "flats", since is part of the list that continues on the next line.

Maybe Skip Hire is the only other dumpster service in the area. lol

toep said...

Knowing that the British also have other meanings for 'rubbish' perhaps both words should have been in quotes.

@cynicalsynapse, i hope they've done their homeworke and checked Skip's rates before they offered that guarantee.

Nancy said...

As Elizabeth said, a skip is a dumpster.