Monday, August 27, 2012

fishing "prohibited"

I'll let submitter Brendan explain why this one might be acceptable:
The shoulder on this bridge, Mile 49 of Delaware Route 1 in Frederica, is only about 2 feet wide and the posted speed limit is 55 MPH. If I had to walk across this bridge, I would shuffle - no quotes about it.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! This is a crazy coincidence. I stumble across this site a few weeks ago and thought: Finally! A place for "the sign," a sign that has baffled and amused me for, I don't know, decades. I made sure I got a picture of it last time I went downstate so I post it here and I just got onto the site today to post it, and there it was!!!! Posted only yesterday. That is pretty weird.

I've always wondered what they meant by "prohibited." "Fishing & Crabbing is "Prohibited," if you know what we mean, wink, wink…" Or fishing and crabbing is sort of prohibited but not really.

And always pictured the scenario if someone got caught fishing or crabbing from the bridge: the officer stops and says to the guy "Didn't you see the sign; it's right there. It says fishing and crabbing is 'prohibited'" with the cop using air quotes when he says "prohibited." :-)

If I had known you were going to post the sign, I wouldn't have bothered. It was a little nerve wracking. Traffic wasn't consistently heavy that day, but when I got back to my car, a big, long clump of traffic was whizzing by at 60 or 65 mph, and the shoulder is pretty narrow near the bridge … I ended up crawling in through the passenger side because I was afraid to be standing there, opening my driver's side door.

Anyway, here's my picture of the sign: