Wednesday, August 01, 2012

over the "edge"

You know, usually in menus there seems some kind of logic to the words in quotation marks. In this case, I have no idea what "EDGE" they are referring to, or if "you" could actually do it. Thanks Alice.


liz kinkydork said...

it seems to be a pun on the U2 song "sunday bloody sunday," with the "you too" (U2) and "edge" (a member of U2). weirdly, the rest of the menu, at least the part that can be seen, doesn't seem to be musically-themed, so that one does stick out a bit.

Darcy said...

The edge of your belt, of course!

bethany said...

Ok, now I'm embarrassed that I didn't catch the U2 puns, but Liz is right that it is kind of strange with no context. Also, what a labored set of puns!