Friday, July 09, 2010

Cavs letter to LeBron

I'm evidently the only person in the universe who is not at all invested in where LeBron plays basketball. Further evidence of this fact is that I awoke this morning to find at least six emails imploring me to post about this letter.
I wonder how much they pay the publicity team that likely didn't get to look at this missive. It suggests their star player did not, in fact, have much of a "decision" to make and that what inspires the Cavaliers may or may not be "motivation."
I won't even start in on the cheese factor. Clearly, snarkers like me are not the intended audience for this.


faoladh said...

LeBron who?

Greg said...

I also do not care about NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, NCAA, Little League, Pop Warner or any organized "team" sport.

bonnjill said...

You have to live in Cleveland to understand/realize the significance of some of the words in quotes (so in this case they were truly used properly - like "witnessed" and "curse"). They were all buzzwords used in the LeBron campaign or, as in the case of "curse", are a part of Cleveland history. But the letter truly was in bad taste and written by someone who should have torn it up or slept on it and rewritten it 24 hours later instead of publishing it immediately. Bad form indeed. And I for one don't really care about sports either. I do, however, care about Cleveland, and the letter makes us look like crybabies.

melslatt said...

Ha! I'm from Cleveland originally so understand why people are so upset, they just get one blow after another.

Some of the quotes I got, he was trying to be snarky with witness, curse, decision, etc., but then he totally lost it towards the end (like his quote - it is already your letter, why are you quoting yourself).

Also agree with bonnjill, he really should have slept on that before releasing it.

Cleveland has had its heart broken and he's acting like an angry bitter ex.

V'ron said...

Ha! I just sent you a link to this, and then logged in to see that I'm not the only one! Brava/Bravo, unnecessary readers. I am not alone.

I LOVE basketball, (I'm a Bucks fan, as I live in Milwaukee) and I was laughing all day yesterday with the news, and then when I saw the "letter" I laughed even more, for entirely different reasons

V'ron said...

Oh, and am I really going to be the first person to ask "Who though Comic Sans was a good font to use for thi?"s

jesirose said...

All I could think was what a pathetic post-break up letter this was. Someone get that guy some Rocky Road Ice Cream and magazines so he can go finish his PMS and grow up.

Talley Sue said...

Hey, look--this one was done right!

This shocking act of disloyalty from our home grown "chosen one" sends the exact opposite lesson of what we would want our children to learn.

(though I wish I knew the context bonnjill refers to)

Unknown said...

At the risk of losing my "man" card, I don't care where LeBron plays either. While I understand why Cleveland fans are pissed I'm shocked that with ALL the evidence out there people still don't seem to understand that sports is just a business like any other.
That said, I hope Cleveland does win a title before Miami's "Dream Team"

faoladh said...

So, LeBron is a basketball player then? Apparently, there's some sort of kerfluffle involving him and whatever the basketball club in Cleveland is?

Cleveland. And basketball. Really? And people actually care about this? Well, I suppose that there's probably something interesting about Cleveland, at least.

@V'ron: "Who thought Comic Sans was a good font?"

Fixed that for you.

toep said...

another verse in the "cleveland jocks" anthem