Sunday, November 21, 2010

my kind of place

All Brooke told me is that this is University of Chicago Regenstein Library. I assume if you stand in the middle, you become ironic.


Darcy said...

Then I doubt that it's a library. I bet they don't even have "books."

Classic Steve said...

That's an unusual style for starting quotation marks, too.

Wanna make a statement without saying a word? Just stand here.

Joe St said...

Looks like the quotation marks are actually on portable stands.
The possibilities are endless.

toep said...

I love how they happen to be surrounding the door, does this refer to all it's contents.

Bethany, i imagine you might become "ironic' not to be confused with 'iconic'.

LOL Joe St I thought the same.

WV: appen, clearly a cockney expession, as in, "what the H appened?"