Friday, November 12, 2010

not just any beauty shop

this is "THE" beauty shop. The most important one or something. Thanks, Mike.


Classic Steve said...

Someone delete the spammer, please.

I don't blame the store for using these quotation marks. The name looks too generic without them.

Sarah Henderson, BCCDC said...

Some years ago the University of British Columbia became The University of British Columbia. I have always felt this change was petty and snobbish, so I may have to start a movement for "THE" University of British Columbia instead.

Darcy said...

Inside, they have Black Beauty, the horse, stuffed and mounted.

Unknown said...

Really, it is just a beauty shop. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Except of course the large eyelash in the sky picture is rather unique - and scary.

wv: scishamp = religious division caused by disagreement concerning hair products

toep said...

THis place is run by Beasts girlfriend.

WV: rettede = to be ticked off a second time over the same issue.

Dark Depths said...

Looks like they are in on the joke. Obviously this is not THE beauty shop.