Sunday, November 14, 2010

talk to a robot

Who knew minnesota tourism was running a tourism advice/ turing test hotline. Thanks, Andrew.


Gerald Mander said...

What's the story with the upside-down 8s?

Phoebe Barton said...

Maybe they think it looks more punchy, more emphatic, and they'd already put one term in quotation marks so it'd look weird if they did that.

toep said...

Some Michelle Bachman types question whether our congressmen are "real" Americans" but now we find that some of our citizens (apparently those in Minnesota in particular) cannot definitively be called persons.

Aside from that, what's with the 'For your Car' statement?

Darcy said...

Could this be a man who eats quiche and who is also a travel agent? Cool.

WV: allorant - I thought he was telling the truth but it was allorant

Classic Steve said...

Dudes. Get real.

WV: pouto = name for an unhappy clown