Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So it's not really made out of dog?

I'll let Phil explain this one, " I love Vietnamese food, but have the hardest time getting other caucasian friends to join me -- "OMG Vietnamese? Don't they eat cats and dogs and stuff?!" I tell 'em they're crazy...but if this sign is any indication, maybe they're on to something."


Katie said...

Why does the hot dog bun ingredients list include pork???

bloglogger said...

"Why does the hot dog bun ingredients list include pork???"

It's not a bun for hot dogs. A bun in Chinese cuisine can mean a pastry or doughy thing with meat cooked inside, like humbow. In this case, the meat is something like a hot dog, but not exactly a hot dog, so maybe the quotation marks are actually appropriate.

Darcy said...

Et voila! It looks like a croissant to me.