Wednesday, February 02, 2011

"gluten" "free"

I don't know what kind of sketchy meat is scarier. I didn't know sausage had gluten, so I'm not sure if having it or not having it is weirder, but whatever "cold meat" is a euphemism for might beat anyway. Thanks, NJ.


Khaer said...

Clearly, the suspect gluten is "free" because it's included in the price of the sausage. On the whole, I think I'd prefer to avoid it, free or not.

(BTW, in many places link sausage includes a very high percentage of breading / grain content, so gluten free makes sense, even though it highlights that the sausage is less than 100% meat. Or "meat," as the case may be.)

toep said...

any suggestions on what "gluten" is? i mean, we can all guess about 'fudge' but this isn't at all clear.

tom said...

"Cold meat" is eastern Pennsylvanian for deli meat.