Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jesus hearts "u"

My sister works in children's ministry and she found this for me. I always wonder why people try to save space writing You as "U" and then use the space for some quotation marks. Solution: write the word out.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, Jesus loves the letter U. It is in his name, after all.

Darcy said...

Yes, deckardcanine, and he barely likes J, E, S, and S.

toep said...


Maybe he likes the u, because without it his name would be Jess.

I do have to agree to the nonesense of 'saving' space just to enclose u with quotes.

Mike said...

I work with someone who writes "ur" in work emails.

Roland said...

"Jesus hearts 'U'" is cute.
"Jesus loves you" is banal.