Thursday, February 23, 2012

Buying "Gold"

Bring your fools gold here! Thanks Colin.


Ellen said...

Must be World of Warcraft of RuneScape gold!

paul said...

Actually, that's not an inappropriate use of inverted commas. The sign could be quoting spoken words, perhaps as part of a radio jingle.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I'm with Paul. That line is a quote, as if it's something the CEO says proudly for some reason. This is normally done for something like the company's motto, or perhaps a quote from a satisfied customer; i.e. "The best gold price in town".

In this case simply saying "We buy gold" is a bit bland but it's a perfectly valid use of quotes.

And the quotes are around the whole sentence, not just the word "gold" as implied by your post title.

If the quotes were indeed around the word "gold" only, I would be running there at speed with a collection of "gold" I found at a local rubbish dump.

But Alas, they are not.

Doctor Tarr said...

I agree that quoting slogans is probably legitimate, but I have no problem with it joining the crowd on this blog, especially since it's not my call.