Saturday, January 23, 2010

time for a "survey"

Ok guys, are these marking that "family feud" is the title of this show, or are they ridiculous? Thanks, Ryan.


Electric Blue said...

They probably want to stress that it's not an actual family feud. Nobody stole anyone's pig. Nobody is going to shoot anyone.

eDITORcHRIS said...

Yeaa that definitely looks like it's old enough to have been the first version so I guess they wanted to establish it was purely for fun && gamez Lol
I still find it completely odd and amazing that like, every host of Family Feud is named Richard

Buffy said...

@eDITORcHRIS--ummm.... are you forgetting Louie Anderson and John O'Hurley?

WV: unkingu--what happens when time goes in reverse while playing checkers.

Rebarider said...

That one actually makes sense, because they're not actually feuding.