Sunday, January 10, 2010

uh, ok

When Patrick's wife gave birth, the hospital offered them this menu. Or "Or you may prefer menu" as they call it in confusing hospital parlance.


toep said...

Food Services
"Or you may prefer menu"? OMG what does that say about the quality of the food service if one might rather eat the menu?

Kevin said...

As the great Meade Pavilion once said, "Or you may prefer menu".

Unknown said...

OK, here's what I "think":
Whoever was in charge of this project did a mock-up and put "Food Services" on the front of the menu, with the notation "or you may prefer menu". As in, "We may put 'Food Services' on the front or we may put 'Menu', but we haven't decided which one we prefer yet." maybe someone else was supposed to review it and make a final decision. Somehow it was sent to the printer with the notation still attached, and the printer did it exactly as written. Wahtever, this is "freakin' hilarious"!