Friday, May 07, 2010

"did you see them"?

The quotation marks here are far from the awesomest thing, which is clearly the trail of girlscout cookie boxes. Thanks, Sarah and Jackie.


toep said...

"ALERT you ... and safe your stuff." I wonder if this was in the book 'How to Speak Minnesotan'?

Gerald Mander said...

I'm just "shocked" that there's crime in Minnesota. "Shocked" I tell you!

Buffy said...

@toep--Oh, ya, you betcha.

Arallyn said...

Dude, I know that part of town. Anyone who hasn't already "safed" their stuff is asking to be ripped off.

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Unknown said...

Clearly the thieves were of the Saturday morning cartoon variety, the type who can't help but greedily work their way through multiple boxes of cookies (while fleeing, no less) and then have the lack of conscience coupled with the carefree joy in their crime to just toss them aside gleefully, never considering the consequence.