Friday, May 21, 2010

mediocre saturday?

You know, even if you don't observe christian holy week, I think we can agree on friday-ness. Thanks, Fenris.


frankenstein said...

found you through "Thoughts, writing, coffee..." i love your blog! what a great idea. glad someone else kinds this as ammusing as i do, i'm cracking up over here haha.


Roland said...

The sign's owner considers each day to end at sunset, but is willing to operate based on the modern convention of having days end at midnight.

V'ron said...

Well, I have to admit, I always wondered why it was called "Good" Friday, anyway. It's about a guy who was sentences to death for apparently no crime, had the living crap beaten out of him, was forced to carry his execution instrument, and then was nailed to a cross and left on a tree. That doesn't sound like a Good Friday at all. That was probably the Crappiest Friday Ever. I think the quotation marks are apt in this case.