Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"police" will be called

I wonder how you might get "arrested" for fake "shoplifting." Also, this poster seems to follow the same hyphen conventions as this old favorite. Thanks, Renee.


toep said...

I am thinking 'Hats-or-beer' is a brand name, and 'From-cases' is an abreviation of 'fromage-cases'. These would be something like the plastic milk cases that have been ripped off as storage crates. Since they are not for sale they can't technically be 'shoplifted'. Should you be found with one the owners 6'6" brother Burt will show up in a "uniform" and put a stop to it. Whew! End of translation.

csurname said...

The word 'police' will be called, that's all. POLICE!

Jonathan said...

Well, if the 'police' show up, they'll have to 'arrest' someone.
Why do I have memories of GOB's 'hot cops' from Arrested Development?